What’s on My Pod Cast List

Hi my loves when I post this it will be two days after Easter but Happy belated Easter.  As you can see in the title I will go thru what I list on my pod cast well. I use this app in the morning and/or when I need to have positive thoughts in my head. Just in case you do not know what podcast means its means that its digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile subscribers

I am going to give you my favorite top ten pod cast channels I listen to help me clear my mind and not hurt anyone. Enjoy:


Joyce Meyer : Enjoying Everyday Life ( She OMG she has saved a lot of people from getting hurt physically and emotionally)

td jakes

T.D Jakes: Panoply ( He gets me up and hype to tackle days that I think will be crazy)

joel osteen

Joel Osteen: (When I am down and I need a smile his service always making me smile he always have jokes in his services)


Garyvee: The Garyvee Audio experience ( When I am dragging my feet about stuff His words encourage me to get the F@&k up and do)

breakfast club

The Breakfast Club (When I want to hear gossip in the music industry I list to them They are crazy lol)

saintheron.bmp ( I play this at work yes at work I handle the baby boomers (elderly)

daymond john

Daymond John: Rise and Grind: ( I listen to him in the morning when I know I need to get my mind ready for work)


Inspirational living ( I listen to the page when I truly need to hear the word of god and my day is gloomy and they give me hope)


Lori Harder: Earn your happy Cast ( When I have my women is power mood I listen to her she really cool)


Kara Loewentheil J.D: Unf*ck your brain feminist blueprint ( she is funny and ear opening page )

You might wonder do I list music I do but I listen to music on Spotify don’t worry I will make a blog about that. Sometimes you need an inspirational group of people to listen to You should go and listen to them so when you do. Please tag me and tell me what you think. Enjoy your day my loves