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Drug Test In Schools

Hi my loves;

I know it been so long since I posted anything, but I am back. As you can see in the title you might wonder how I came up with this topic, well it happen a few days ago I was in a store shopping. When a group of young men walking passed me they ranged from the ages of 9 to 12 years old I did not pay attention to them that much but something caught my attention. I smelled weed, it was really strong odor in the area remind you it was just me and the group of boys. I thought I was going crazy, so I looked at my fiancĂ©e’ and he looked at me I asked him to double-check what I smelled he agree. When I looked at the boys I seen that was really high. I was soooo blown away that they was that young doing it. This made me wonder how their parents do not notice this going on. I am not ashamed to say but I used to smoke it and I know how long the smell last on you and the look you have on your face. I was not that young when I had started but I notice when people was high. This made me wonder if they get high on the weekend if they get high during school time.

I posted my IG and Facebook asking should school do drug test. To my surprise a lot of parents said no they shouldn’t and when I asked why not they said that the parents should handle it. Me personally parents do not know or realize that their child are using drugs or even alcohol. When kids get busted with drugs it’s usually during school time and that’s when parents find out they child is doing drugs. I wonder if schools did drug test and to my surprise they do BUT ONLY to kids that was in sports. I understand why they tested kids that was doing sports, but there are kids that do drugs and if their classmate do not rat them out no one will know.
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Parents I am sorry I know you do not want give the school that much authority over your child, But think about the different punishment that can happen to the child if school find out and when a parent find out. When the school find out they will call you and send your child to juvenile detention, which there is a 50% percentile that this will scare the child straight and they will be to scared to do it again because they do not know when the school do random drug tests. When a parent finds out that their child is doing drugs you might want to send them to rehab thats if you can afford it or they will punish them but some cases this do not change the child view on drugs. Think about it when you was younger can you remember your parent saying if you bad they was going to call the police to take them away. I know my mom wasn’t the only crazy mom (LOL).
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I used to work in the juvenile detention and I can remember hearing kids say they did drugs in their parents house and they will tell me how many time they got caught by their parents but nothing happen or they was punished and they still did it. When I asked how they got in juvenile detention they tried their luck and did drugs or smoked in the school and they got rated out. It’s crazy how parents will bail them out sooo fast and they wouldn’t learn from their mistake. They will continue doing it.

If I was asked to vote if I want my child to be drug tested I would sign for it. I rather be safe then sorry I would want to nip it in the bud before its to late. But the child will feel you do not trust them. Me personally I know how sneake I was at young age so. Parents think about it if you see you niece or nephew of neighbor child doing drugs would you tell or just ignore it. Well this is what you; you want the school to ignore the facted that they just caught  your child your niece, nephew or neighbor child doing drugs so their parents can handle it. Schools are supposed to support and protect your child. By the time the parent get help for their child it might be too late alot of these drug rehab cost a lot of money to send them and keep them their. But if the school catch them they can help get them help they need and show that they are loved from everyone home and school.

So tell me what you think do you think they should be drug tested at school.

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