What was the best moment in your relationship so far…

Hi, my loves even thou I been with my fiancee’ for two years, it feels like for years, lol. I remember when I surprised him on father days to a trip for the weekend. He hates surprises so it was soooo much fun lol. It blew him away but that’s not the day I’m talking about. I remember we went on a road trip from Florida to Tennessee o my god it was beautiful. But that wasn’t my best moment of our relationship.

It was May 5th, 2017 this is when our world changed. I found out we were having babies yes babies actual twins a boy and a girl. This was all ways my dream to have twins. from May 5th to August 4th that was the best time in our relationship. I was able to go thru morning sickness feet swelling and see or twins grow. This brought both families together like they always said “You need a village to raise a child” but in my case “I will need a country to raise my twins”

But on August 5th at 1:30 am I had premature labor which we lost our twins. You think it would be our worst day it is, but we don’t think of it as the worst moment we look at as the best because we were able to have children and even tho they are not here with us they are watching over us. Please don’t feel bad for us like I said we are blessed and God will bless us again. Please tell me what is your best moment in your relationship hear from you soon.

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